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Website under construction!

Currently this website will be mostly used as a programming portfolio. It will host projects which I am working on, contributions to other projects, and miscellaneous pieces of code which I hope may help others. I am mostly leaning towards development for Microsoft platforms with C++, C# and Python; so mostly everything on this website will be under these language and compiled to run on Windows. However, I do have some interest in programming for other platforms like Linux and Android, so in the future I may have some different content based on these. For more information on my progress with various programming languages, frameworks, etc; please see the “About” page of this website.

Actual projects can be found under the “Project” page. While pieces of code, tutorials, or any other random thing, will be found under the “Coding” page. Projects that are at the early planning stages will not appear on the website. I have several of these and trying to pick which one I want to start first. Also, some of these projects may take a long time to complete as I only have so much time to work on them, (working full time and studying leaves little time for much else).

Because I did some graphic design as a hobby before I got into programming, I still have a Wallpaper page. This is just there simply to share wallpapers I have made. There won’t be much in terms of updates on that page and they are available only in a couple of resolutions;  1650 * 1080 and 1920 * 1080 for most, and maybe 3840 * 1080 for future ones, (dual monitor).