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Welcome to Oria Productions. For more information about this website and my backround; please see the “About” page of this website. Current and old projects can be found under the “Project” page, while pieces of code, tutorials, or any other random thing, will be found under the “Coding” page. Lastly, I love making wallpapers and some can be found under the “Wallpaper” page.


April 1st, 2015

Today I have edited some of the content on most pages, I've taken off the "under construction" warning at the top of this page, and I've added one of my current project.

The project I added is my map toolkit for my current desktop RPG. It is designed in the intention to be used for many games, however, it does a lot more then just the tilemap; you can add walls, AI characters (NPCs), objects, etc. Some of which may not work the same for other game types.


October 5th, 2014

Just added a small project which is really just a data structure. It is a matrix written in C++. However, nothing too fancy; It is really just a three-dimensional vector with added functionality and built-in subscript operator.

This can be found here.


September 17th, 2013

I have just added a completed project which I did for work. It is a Freight Generator which helps generating shipping quotes. Please go here for more information.


January 22nd, 2013

Today the website was completely rebuilt to cater towards my programming projects which will include both business software and games.

I also added the first project to this website, which is a PoS system. It is designed with a server side and a client side. It will hold product information, customer information, vendor information and deal with the accounting. Unfortunately, this project is somewhat placed on a back burner, so I can spend more time with other projects.